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160-85094 G 2-Truck Climax - Standard DC
  • 160-85094 G 2-Truck Climax - Standard DC

160-85094 G 2-Truck Climax - Standard DC

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Bachmann Spectrum Line
Spur G
2-Truck Climax - Standard DC
Elk River Coal & Lumber Co. #3
The Class "B" two-truck locomotive, introduced by Climax in 1893, featured a horizontal boiler with slanted cylinders. This design was an instant success and quickly became Climax's most popular model, remaining so throughout the company's history.

Features include:

* Ready for decoder installation of your choice
* Choose track or battery power pickup with operation according to NMRA or Large Scale railroading practices
* Motor power on/off
* DCC or DC operation of cab lights, firebox and ash pan glow with a center "off" position
* Switch behind the smoke box door with center "off" position to choose either DCC or DC operation of the smoke unit
* Optional sensors in the locomotive that give you the option of adjusting the timing and count of steam chuffs
* Factory-installed speaker with wire pigtail in the fuel bunker to allow for easy installation of optional aftermarket sound systems
* Realistic firebox flicker and ash pan glow
* Precision-balanced can motor
* Prototypically correct operating Johnson bar and inside Stephenson valve gear
* Constant lighting of the LED headlight and cab light
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