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N Dash 9 C44-9W Santa Fe

Angekündigt: Juni 2018
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Intermountain Railway Co
Spur N
Dash 9 C44-9W
Santa Fe

Erhältlich in 3 Versionen:
DCC & Sound (S)

In 1993, General Electric introduced the C44-9W locomotive, which quickly became known as the "Dash 9". Among the railroads to order them were Santa Fe, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Chicago & North Western and Southern Pacific. These locomotives were produced in large quantities for these and other North American railroads until the end of 2004. The C44-9W continues in service today for their original and subsequent owners with many being given a new lease on life in various rebuild programs.

The InterMountain Railway Dash 9 will include all of the features you have come to expect from our locomotive products. The Dash 9 will be offered in multiple phases representing road specific and order specific details whenever possible. Among the variations that will be offered; Three and Four Window Cabs, Canadian Teardrop Window Cab, High and Low Headlights, and Early and Late Radiator Intake Grilles.

These locos will be available in DC, DCC and DCC with Sound confiurations featuring ESU® decoders.

Locomotives produced under license from the General Electric Company.