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Sale! 489-144.00.730 N Heavyweight 3-2 Observation N&W_43633 Vergrößern

489-144.00.730 N Heavyweight 3-2 Observation N&W

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Micro Trains Line,
Spur N
Pullman Heavyweight 3-2 Observation -
Ready to Run -
Norfolk & Western # "Roanoke" 300

This heavyweight business car with balloon roof is maroon with buff lettering and runs on 6-wheel passenger trucks. Built in 1917 by Pullman as N&W 300, this car continued to serve in its as-built layout until 1955 when it was modernized. When transferred through the Norfolk Southern merger, this car was renumbered to NS 5 for a brief period and then sold to a private party in the late 1980s.