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Sale! 932-9520 HO UP City Streamliner 5 Double Bedroom B_25913 Vergrößern

932-9520 HO UP City Streamliner 5 Double Bedroom B

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Walthers Ready to Run
Spur HO

UP City Streamliner 5 Double Bedroom Buffet Lounge P-S Plan #4199 - Ready to Run

Union Pacific(R) City Series (Armour Yellow, gray, silver, red)

Accurate Cars for UP City Streamliners
From the introduction of the M-10000 in 1934, Union Pacific set a new standard for luxury with its Streamliner trains. As ridership grew in the late 30s, UP ordered new equipment to provide daily service. Although WWII brought an abrupt halt to the project, by 1946, UP and partners CNW, SP and Wabash had over 100 new cars on order to begin daily "City" runs on several routes. As delivery delays mounted and competitors rolled out new trains, UP opted to rebuild some prewar cars and ordered still more new equipment. While other roads began cutting back in the 1950s, UP expanded service with new "Astra Dome" coaches, lounges and diners. And in 1955, a new service agreement saw Milwaukee Road cars added to UP trains. Despite its ongoing investment in new equipment -- by 1965, UP had purchased 642 brand-new cars -- and commitment to service, losses escalated and UP turned over operation of its trains to Amtrak on May 1, 1971. Today, several original "City" cars survive in museums, as well as in UP's excursion fleet, which sees service behind the company's restored steam and diesel power.