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HO Rail Fence



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Woodland Scenics
Spur HO

Add character to any scene with hand-painted and authentically weathered HO scale Rail Fence. Easily assemble the Fence on your layout by aligning the modular pieces. Features gates, detailed hinges and planter pins for simple installation.
Good for country scenes
Represents 192 scale feet (58.5 scale meters)/26.5" (67.3 cm) actual total length. See Kit Contents for height and individual piece length.

Kit includes:
1 Fence section with large gate
1 Fence section with small gate
6 Fence sections
Length: 8 pieces = 3.31" (84.1 mm) each
Height (not including mounting pins): 5 scale feet (1.52 scale meters)/0.69" (17.5 mm) actual
4 Artikel