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HO Barbed Wire Fence



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Woodland Scenics
Spur HO

Line the edge of a pasture with handmade, pre-strung HO scale Barbed Wire Fence. Barbed Wire Fences come with loose corner post support pieces and feature a double-gate with detail hinges. Simply place the fencing around an area, and then set the planter pins, drill and glue.
Great for war and farm scenes
Represents 192 scale feet (58.5 scale meters)/26.5" (67.3 cm) actual total length. See Kit Contents for height and individual piece length.

Kit includes:
1 Fence
2 Gates
8 Brace Posts
4 Corner Posts
Length: 1 piece = 23.2" (58.9 cm), 2 pieces = 1.63" (41.4 mm) each
Height (not including mounting pins): 4 scale feet (1.21 scale meters)/0.55" (14 mm) actual
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