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160-65354 N GG-1 (DCC)_36881
  • 160-65354 N GG-1 (DCC)_36881

160-65354 N GG-1 (DCC)

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GG-1 PRR Silver with red stripe # 4872
DCC Sound Value-equipped

The electric GG-1 was introduced in the 1930s by the Pennsylvania Railroad, which needed a locomotive that could carry more rolling stock at greater speeds. Its dynamic streamlined design captured the public’s imagination and made it the star of countless movies and advertisements. This DCC sound-equipped model includes our Sound Value SoundTraxx® sound package with prototypical motors with blowers, pantograph extension and retraction, air compressors, short and long horns, and bell–all in 16-bit polyphonic sound.

Features include:

• all new tooling
• die-cast frame
• 12-wheel drive
• soft white LED directional headlights with dimming function
• E-Z Mate® Mark II couplers

Performs best on 11.25" radius curves or greater.
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