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HO FMC 5077 dbl door box car UR of Oregon 1522_57083 Vergrößern

HO FMC 5077 dbl door box car UR of Oregon 1522


Angekündigt: Juli 2019
Auslieferung: ca. Winter 2019/20

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Atlas Model Railroad Co Inc
Spur HO

Union Railway of Oregon 1505

In the mid 1970’s, FMC set out to produce a box car, suitable for IPD and Railbox. The product they designed was the

5,077 cubic-foot box car, with 10 foot doors, X-panelling on the roof and corrugated ends. FMC designed and built a car

that was meant to withstand the test of time. The first customer to purchase these cars was SSI Rail Corp, for IPD leasing.

They purchased the single and double door designs, which still see service today, many for second and third-hand leasing

corporations. The Western Pacific was the only Class I operation to purchase the doube door 5077. Wearing a few different

paint schemes for WP, UP and later leasing operations. The Atlas Master® FMC 5077 Double Door Box Car captures the fine

details, while showing the ruggedness of the design. From the X-Panelling on the roof to the signature FMC sidesills, this is

a must have car on any layout.


• Double Sliding Doors

• Wire grabs

• Etched parts

• Plate C Box Car

• X-Panel Roof


• Double Door

• Multiple body styles

• Wire grabs

• Etched parts

• Plate B Box Car

• X-Panel Roof