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HO 50' sgl door postwar box car NP 31309_57340 Vergrößern

HO 50' sgl door postwar box car NP 31309


Angekündigt: Juli 2019
Auslieferung: ca. Mai 2020

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Atlas Model Railroad Co.
Spur HO


At the end of World War II, railroads ordered large numbers of 50’ AAR boxcars with a standard design that was first

widely used in the late 1940s. This design was based on the original 1937 AAR design but was modified in the post-war era

to include: improved dreadnaught end and diagonal panel roofs with standard or overhanging design. These 50’ boxcars

were a common sight on American railroads well into the 1970s and 1980s.


• Details such as separately applied ladders and grab irons

• Three different side sill styles - straight, tabbed and fishbelly

• 8’ & 9’ Superior or Youngstown doors

• Fully detailed underframe

• Free rolling trucks with metal wheelsets

• Accurate printing and prototypical paint schemes