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HO 40' Am. Ass. of RR 1948 Box Car Wabash

Angekündigt: Juni 2018
Auslieferung: ca. Oktober 2018

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Walthers Mainline
Spur HO
40' American Assosiation of Railroads (AAR) 1948 Box Car

Eager to replace equipment worn out by the Depression and WWII traffic, railroads big and small began updating their postwar boxcar fleets with cars based on the American Association of Railroads (AAR) standard design introduced in 1948. Although similar to the 1944 standard, notable changes included the addition of a rectangular rib at the top of each end, and many buyers opted for diagonal panel roofs. Introduced as railroads also began freshening their image, these cars wore bold, colorful paint and lettering schemes over their long careers, with some still rolling strong into the 1980s! These highly detailed WalthersMainline HO Scale models come fully assembled and feature: •Limited edition - one time run of these roadnumbers!
•Improved Dreadnaught 4-4 end with rectangular top rib
•Diagonal panel roof
•See-through Apex steel running board
•6' Youngstown doors
•10-panel riveted sides
•10'6" Interior height
•Ajax hand brake wheel
•Bettendorf trucks
•Correct 33" turned-metal wheelsets
•Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers