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160-80996 G  Baldwin 2-4-4 Forney Outside Frame_11878
  • 160-80996 G  Baldwin 2-4-4 Forney Outside Frame_11878

160-80996 G Baldwin 2-4-4 Forney Outside Frame

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Bachmann Spectrum Line
Large Scale
Inside Frame Forney 2-4-4
Sandy River & Rangeley Lake # 12

Matthias Forney’s locomotive was designed to power elevated and surface commuter railroads in America’s rapidly growing cities. It was very successful in this role but its success seemed short-lived due to the electrification of these rail lines. The unique design of Forney’s locomotive enabled it to live on and made it an ideal form of motive power on railroads hauling stone in quarries, pulling log trains, and harvesting rubber on plantations as far away as Brazil. Bachmann continues this tradition by bringing you a revolutionary design from the past and updating it with exciting new engineering features from the present.

Features include:
• nonproprietary plug-and-play electronics interface to accommodate the control system of your choice, including DC, NMRA DCC, and radio control/battery operation
• custom wound motor with flywheel
• heavy-duty driver and trailing truck electrical pickup
• exclusive truck locking mechanisms for multiple radii curve operation
• LED headlight and cab lighting
• highly detailed cab interiors featuring sliding windows and operating doors
• die-cast scale knuckle couplers front and rear
• switch behind smokebox door with center “off ” position for DCC or DC operation of smoke unit
• moveable ash pan grates with authentic ash pan “glow”
• glowing firebox (load compensated)
• blackened die-cast metal running gear featuring optical sensors for aftermarket sound synchronization
• hand-tooled coal load
• brass bell with bell chord
• numerous die-cast detail parts including pop valves, whistle, and piping
• easy access to electronics in coal bunker

This model performs best on 8' diameter curves or greater.
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