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9-DRGW.30SR32 D&RGW 30' short reefer serie 32-78

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BHI- Publications
Quick Pick Books
DRGW 30' Short Reefer serie 32-78

Our Quick Pic Book series shows the subjects in extensive black & white photographs which have often been digitally edited to best exhibit the details.
This volume shows all the details on this car, inside and out. At the time
the photos for this book were taken there were only 2 known carbodies
in existence and both of them were awaiting rebuilding/restoration
but were complete cars nonetheless. There are a number of common
parts between these cars and the first batch of the 40' class 5r reefers
and they are noted so that modelers who are having both classes of
cars can have extra views in this book for the early series of the 5r cars.
Because of the cars awaiting restoration, many parts had been removed
allowing even more detailed photography than normal could be expected and in the case of the ice bunker being the same size and design on both
series cars, we are able to show what the inside of those look like too.

This book has 54 pages with 90 B&W photos