BHI Books D&RGW Business Car B-1 (2nd)_20462
  • BHI Books D&RGW Business Car B-1 (2nd)_20462
  • BHI Books D&RGW Business Car B-1 (2nd)_20463

BHI Books D&RGW Business Car B-1 (2nd)



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D&RGW Business Car B-1 (2nd)

Our Quick Pic Book series shows the subjects in extensive black & white photographs which have often been digitally edited to best exhibit the details.
This volume shows all the details on this car, inside and out. When this car
was donated by the D&RGW to the town of Alamosa, they left it fully operational
and except for age it is in the same state today. The cupboards still have their
red velvet lining for the silverware, the stove is in place and all the oil lamps were left with the car (they are stored off site today). The inlaid woodwork and the difference in the quality of it between the section of the car where the crew lived versus the part where the brass were is significant. The upper and lower berth are still operable for the most part needing only some minor maintenance and some wood/varnish refinishing to bring this car to the splendor it was in when it left the company service. All those details and many, many more are shown in this book.
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